Netflix makes a statement in India with “Sacred Games”

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SOMEWHERE in Mumbai, a fluffy white Pomeranian is flung from a skyscraper. As it twists and falls towards the pavement, the opening credits roll; it lands with a splat at the feet of uniformed, shrieking schoolgirls. With that, Netflix has landed in the commercial heart of the country and at the centre of the world’s biggest film factory. 

“Sacred Games”, Netflix’s first Indian “original” series (the term refers to content produced or distributed by Netflix exclusively), was released on July 6th. The streaming giant intends to broaden the possibilities of filmed content in India; by releasing productions online it dodges the country’s notorious film-standards board. “Sacred Games”—which yokes together literary prestige with A-list Bollywood actors, charismatic antiheroes and scads of graphic sex and bloodshed—announces the arrival of “Golden Age” television to the Indian market.

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