David Lynch’s memoir illuminates the origins of his art

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Damn good coffee in “Twin Peaks”

Room to Dream. By David Lynch and Kristine McKenna.Random House; 592 pages; $32. Canongate Books; £25.

ONE evening in the 1950s David Lynch and his brother were wandering along the quiet, dimly lit streets of Boise, Idaho, when they encountered a stumbling, naked woman. “Maybe it was something about the light and the way she came out of the darkness, but it seemed to me that her skin was the colour of milk, and she had a bloodied mouth,” Mr Lynch remembers. He wanted to help her, but did not know what to do or say. “She was scared and beat up, but even though she was traumatised, she was beautiful.”

Fans of Mr Lynch will recall a disturbing scene like this one from “Blue Velvet”, a film released in 1986 that starred Isabella Rossellini. That movie, the director’s fourth, established him as an auteur of woman-in-trouble surrealism. Critics have…Continue reading

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