A new exhibition fleshes out man’s relationship with meat

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GERMANS’ love of meat is well-known. The country has one of the highest per capita meat-consumption figures in the world, with the average citizen chomping down 59kg a year in 2016. In Berlin there’s a museum dedicated solely to the Currywurst, the classic sausage dish served everywhere in the Hauptstadt on crimped paper plates. Human-sized, grinning sausage mascots can be spotted all over the city outside fast-food stands. Many in Germany consider eating meat, and pork in particular, a key part of national identity. Election posters for Alternative für Deutschland, a far-right party, featured a piglet and an Islamophobic slogan, promoting prejudice against Muslims’ culinary rules.  

The complicated significance of fleisch for Germans is contained in the word itself. Meaning both “meat” and “flesh”, the term designates human bodily matter as well as what goes on a…Continue reading

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