“Cold War” is a faultless romantic epic

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YOU may hear faint echoes of “La La Land” and “Chico & Rita” in Pawel Pawlikowski’s music-based tragicomedy, in that it charts the on-off relationship of a talented male pianist/composer and a magnetic female performer. But the Polish-British writer-director of “My Summer of Love” and the Oscar-winning “Ida” has composed something unique. The best entry so far at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, “Cold War” is a moving and gorgeously shot period romance which recreates the mid-20th-century in flawless, unshowy detail, and which asks which siren song calls most seductively: art, love, freedom or home. Mr Pawlikowski doesn’t play a single bum note.

In its opening scenes, it looks as if “Cold…Continue reading

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