What is TVNowPro Antenna?

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What is TVNowPro Antenna?

Break away from expensive channel plans by cutting off your cable provider. Switch to better alternatives like TVNowPro Antenna. It’s an indoor antenna equipped with a multi-directional receiver that supports HD broadcasts and picks up both very low and very high frequency signals. Amplified with an optimum range of 30 miles. Compatible to all screens with coaxial receivers regardless of model and operating system.

TVNowPro Antenna is a plug and play device with a space-saving design. More discreet and powerful than traditional antenna models. Perfect for getting quality entertainment without the heavy bills.

How does TVNowPro Antenna work?

If you don’t want to stop watching TV but can no longer afford cable, TVNowPro Antenna is the antenna for you. It’s an equally effective option that costs only a fraction of cable plans. This impressive indoor antenna can pick broadcasts from all directions within 30 miles. That means you can get as much as a hundred channels. No more need for overpriced cable plans because with TVNowPro Antenna you can enjoy free and limitless channel access.

TVNowPro Antenna cut the cable cord
TVNowPro Antenna multi-directional


Doesn’t need to be installed in the direction of broadcast towers. TVNowPro Antenna has a multi-directional receiver which enables it to pick up every signal that comes within range regardless of the source direction.

TVNowPro Antenna plug and play


Easy to set up. Plug TVNowPro Antenna to any screen and select it as the source. You can instantly get access to free channels. No subscription required. Free entertainment without limits for life.

TVNowPro Antenna compact and discreet


Includes a flat digital receiver which can easily be mounted on the wall and near windows for optimum signal reception. Can also be stored on a shelf or hidden away.

TVNowPro Antenna high definition


Supports HD broadcasts and captures full 1080p resolution for digital ready screens. Resistant to strong winds and obstructions which may interrupt signals. Maintains excellent resolution from wherever.

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