Nils Frahm returns after a long period of hibernation

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NILS FRAHM is unlike most musicians. A couple of years ago, his life was a flurry of activity and new releases. Audiences were enamoured with his unique sound, and he had a number of critically-acclaimed albums under his belt: “Felt”, named after the material used to dampen the sound of his piano strings, in 2011; and “Spaces”, an ethereal mix of live classical compositions and electronica, two years later, to name but a couple. He had produced the award-winning film score to Sebastian Schipper’s one-take thriller “Victoria”, curated a weekend-long show at the Barbican Centre in London and set up a universal day of worship for his favourite stringed instrument—the piano.

Then Mr Frahm went quiet. He retreated from the online world to experience “the luxury of being forgotten”, and kept his cultural consumption to a minimum to “feel hungry in a society which has everything”. He meticulously watched his time and that of those around him, aware of the finite nature of both. When his mood was low, he resisted the temptation to…Continue reading

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