A view of Ukraine’s revolution from the square

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The Ukrainian Night: An Intimate History of Revolution. By Marci Shore. Yale University Press; 320 pages; $26 and £25.

REVOLUTIONS are inherently intellectual. Often powered by ideologies, they are also, at bottom, imaginative leaps: demands for a different life, premised, says Marci Shore, on a faith that “at any moment everything could change”. “The Ukrainian Night” is her account of the pro-democracy uprising in Ukraine in 2014 and its aftermath, turmoil that was at once visceral and peculiarly cerebral, involving various languages, religions, ethnicities, versions of history and visions of the future.

Ms Shore, a historian at Yale University, briskly describes Ukraine’s blood-soaked past and the relevant modern events: the failure of the Orange revolution of 2004; the gangsterish presidency of Viktor Yanukovych; the terror he unleashed against protesters and his flight to Russia; the annexation of Crimea and the war…Continue reading

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