Best Resorts for Family Vacations

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Planning a trip for the whole family but don’t know where to start? We’ve traveled the world to give you this list of best resorts for family vacations.

It’s easy to pick the island with the biggest water slide and just take the kids there. Harder — but worth it — is finding the place where the entire family can bond while spying giant sea turtles, searching for hidden beaches and sharing more island experiences. With easy accessibility, fun amenities and big accommodations, these 10 resorts are perfect for family travel.


Top 10 Best Resorts for Families: Hotel Caesar Augustus, Capri, Italy

No. 10: Hotel Caesar AugustusCapri, Italy

Capri was where the ancient Romans chose to spend their vacations, and on a clear day you can see Vesuvius, the volcano that buried Pompeii in A.D. 79, from the Hotel Caesar Augustus. A statue of Augustus himself recalls the first emperor who admired Capri’s beauty so much that he took the island as his private preserve. In ancient times, these giddy heights, which could only be reached by a 1,000-step stone stairway called the Scala Fenicia, were dotted with luxury villas. Sit down to an alfresco banquet at the Lucullo Terrace restaurant, and the kids might even declare that history is pretty cool after all.


Top 10 Best Resorts for Families: Hawks Cay, Florida Keys

No. 9: Hawks CayFlorida Keys

Imagine a Norman Rockwell version of the Florida Keys where families can enjoy the island chain’s isolated, timeless beauty minus a big leap offshore. Within a sprawling 60 acres of landscaped waterways, Hawks Cay has more than 400 suites and villas, five pools and four restaurants genteelly placed on tree-lined lanes. An oceanside enclosure has marine biologists on hand for small-group encounters with bottlenose dolphins, and the Island Adventure Camp program sets up teenagers for three days of snorkeling, diving, sailing and fishing. At dusk, families gravitate toward the open fires and the most delicious mojitos north of Havana.


Top 10 Best Resorts for Families: Sandy Lane, Barbados

No. 8: Sandy LaneBarbados

Marvel at the green monkeys of the Barbados Wildlife Reserve and the green pools of Harrison’s Cave. But marvel too at the Barbados school system, which has led to one of the world’s highest literacy rates at 99.7 percent. Let that be an example to the kids as you explore Barbados. Then relax at the luxurious, 112-room Sandy Lane resort, where celebrity parents have stayed. There through the complimentary Treehouse Club for children ages 3 to 16, you can all try a game of cricket, practice how to dive, and get a chance to swim and snorkel with turtles alongside a “turtle tutor.” You can’t help but learn something new.


Top 10 Best Resorts for Families: Jumby Bay, Antigua

No. 7: Jumby BayAntigua

The family compound is a great idea. If you can’t collect all the generations under one roof, use multiple roofs. In Antigua, a 300-acre private island is the setting for Jumby Bay, a luxurious hideaway with 40 suites, 16 villas with private pools and six estate homes. To get around the island, every family member gets a bike on arrival — except for babies, who get Silver Cross prams. Children can enroll in Camp Jumby — part of the Rose Buds for Children special offerings — to see the natural side of this island, and camp staffers can arrange activities for the whole family. The available all-inclusive rates make meals very easy.


Top 10 Best Resorts for Families: Ritz Carlton, Maui, Hawaii

No. 6: Ritz-Carlton, KapaluaMaui, Hawaii

If the Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua, only offered its lomi-lomi massage and access to D.T. Fleming’s Beach, it would be a dream vacation. But the Ambassadors of the Environment Program, in partnership with Jean-Michel Cousteau, makes this family trip a meaningful one too. Interactive adventures let kids explore a coral reef like a marine biologist, discover the “fires of Pele” in a lava-flow hike and follow the stars as if they were early Polynesian navigators. Families can gather around the Calabash table to share the day’s stories — and memories.

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