5 Of The Best Bucketlist Worthy Multi-Day Hikes In The World

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Visit the snow monkeys as a side tour on this hike - Photo credit: Clint on Flickr


Distance: 80 kms

Time Needed: 5 – 7 days

Best Time to Go: Spring and autumn are particularly good times to visit.

Why You Want to Go: Designed on the Appalachian trail model, the Shinetsu Trail follows the Sekita Mountain range with parts of the trail in use for over 13 centuries. Hike from village to village through gorgeous forests of very old beech trees. Soak in hot springs.


25 of the top bucketlist worthy hikes in the world - Photo credit: Richard Jones on Flickr


Distance: 75 kms

Time Needed: 6 – 8 days

Best Time to Go: July – early September

Why You Want to Go: The Alta Via 2 takes you through the stunning scenery of the Italian Dolomites, beginning just south of the border with Austria. Some sections are challenging with exposure on the via ferrata. Stay in mountain huts along the way – where food and even wine can be purchased.


The Overland Trek in Tasmania - with Cradle Mountain in the background Photo credit: Albedo20 on Flickr


Distance: 73 kms

Time Needed: 5 – 7 days

Best Time to Go: November – April

Why You Want to Go: With changing scenery, all of it interesting, this is Australia’s standout trek. Hike past stunning Cradle Mountain; pass beautiful lakes, cliffs and waterfalls. Enjoy the sight of unusual vegetation as you pass through a variety of eco-systems – and be prepared for mud.


Sierra Nevada del Cocuy

Distance: Variable; our route was very roughly about 80 kms; day hikes are available

Time Needed: 5 – 6 days

Best Time to Go: December – March

Why You Want to Go: This is a glorious hike that is just being discovered. Over six days you cross numerous mountain passes, hike past glorious alpine lakes, peer into the mists of the jungles of Venezuela, cross mountain streams, gaze at glaciers and stand in awe of all the strange vegetation. Be prepared for cold nights. There are lots of guiding outfits – and Guican is a pretty place to start. It’s one heck of along bus ride from Bogota though – 14 hours!

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Hiking on the Lycian Way in Turkey


Distance: Approximately 540 kms but easy to do shorter sections

Time Needed: 29 days for whole route; 1 – 7 day itineraries are very doable; tour companies offer self-guided options

Best Time to Go: Late March – mid May, mid -October to early November; avoid the hot months

Why You Want to Go: This is an outstanding hike that takes you from Fethiye to within 20 kms of Antalya via old Roman roads, centuries old footpaths and donkey trails. Wind your way through pine forests and up and down surprisingly rugged terrain. On large sections of the trail you can spend the night in a B&B or hotel while the less developed sections require camping – and water can be a real issue.

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