How To Plant Succulents in Containers

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Easy-to-plant succulents survive both drought and heat; they practically take care of themselves!

Easy-to-plant succulents—from every variety of cacti to medicinal aloe vera—are foolproof picks when it comes to building low-maintenance and eye-catching containers. Because they practically take care of themselves, they’re a great choice for gardening beginners and veterans alike. Available in all shapes and sizes, succulents are the ideal plants for mixing and matching. Don’t be afraid to get creative with scale and composition when crafting your container garden. The more variety you infuse, the more interesting your creation. These dry-climate gems thrive in Southern heat during summer months, but they can also be brought indoors for safekeeping when the temperatures shift with the seasons. Check out this informative gallery for a step-by-step guide on how to plant succulents and keep them flourishing. Ready to create a stunning container garden? Dig in!

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